To Dye or Not to Dye…

It’s the age old question. And I mean that literally as well as figuratively.  Should I or should I not dye my hair…once again.  My youngest often points out my graying hair, especially when I let it get to the point it is now – just not the roots but half of my head. And yes, I tell him once again, I am the oldest mommy in his class.  I knew it was bad when my oldest, who usually pays no attention to this type of stuff, chimed in yesterday, saying “Mom, you really need to dye your hair…it’s really white on top.”

It’s not that I have an aversion to dyeing my hair.  I have been dyeing it on and off since the early ‘80s.  Hey, I even went “punk” – with red hair – which my beloved stepmom pointed out made me look “sallow”…Not the look I was the look I was trying to achieve!

It’s just that setting aside a couple of hours at a salon and paying big bucks is just not a high priority…and I kind of like my gray hair. Just kind of.  If it was more a silvery gray, maybe I would like it more.  But then again, maybe that would make me look sallow, too.

Yes, I know I can color it myself at home as well.  But believe me, being bent over the bathroom sink, dyeing and rinsing, etc. is something I could do easily up until a few years ago…now, not so much.  Plus whenever I dye it at home, I always seem to miss somewhere…usually the gray sides that I am trying to cover.

I also think it’s unfair that when men go gray, they become “distinguished.”  (And yes, George Clooney, you are distinguished – as well as many other things.)  When women go gray, they are just become old.  Of course there are women who look fabulous with gray hair.  Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Emmylou Harris and Jamie Lee Curtis are examples that come to mind.

But my hair is half grayish/white and half whatever color I dyed it months ago.  Not so fab of a look.  I should just bite the bullet and let it keep growing out.  Someday I will have full head of lovely white/gray hair. Hey, I’ve earned them all! And it’s just hair after all. That shouldn’t be how I define how I feel about myself….

However, I am flying home to SoCal in a few weeks to celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday. She has beautiful gray hair.  (I believe she was a “bottle” blonde up until about ten years ago.)  And there is a strong family resemblance already…the question is, do I want to have semi-matching hair as well?

I am also trying to convince myself the reason that some people on the bus ask me if I want to take their seats is that they are just being kind.  And not because I look like an old lady who needs to sit down.

So, I will probably drink the Kool-Aid one more time and call the salon…maybe for one last time…

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